FHGE is fully capable to perform following:


1. Civil Construction


1.1 Residential & Commercial Buildings.

1.2 Industrial and Sub- Stations Works.

1.3 Earth fills Roads, Sidewalks, and Curb& Gutter Works.


2. Industrial Construction


2.1 Complete design, procurement, construction and installation of Pre Engineered Building.

2.2 Machine Foundations design, procurement and construction along with Erection.

2.3 Fabrication, Installation and Erection of Steel Structure


3. Sewage System


3.1 Complete procurement and construction of systems including

     Installation of specified pipes, construction of Manholes, Inspection

     Chambers and Cleanouts


3.2 Sewage Treatment Plants, complete procurement, fabrication, and

     Installation of pipes pumps and related civil, Electrical, Mechanical Instrument.


4. Electrical & Communication - Installation, testing, commissioning         and maintenance


4.1 Underground and overhead distribution network

4.2 Electrification of Buildings and Plant facilities

4.3 Telecommunication works and security alarm system

4.4 Power system, Substation, Switchgears and MCC.

4.5 Plant equipment, facilities and controls

4.6 Calibration of System protection and monitoring devices.


5. Mechanical Works


5.1 HVAC Design and installations

5.2 Steel Fabrication and Installation

5.3 Tanks fabrication and Installation


6. Instrumentation works


6.1 Installation, process equipment / facilities, piping controls, testing andcommissioning Instrumentation devices.

6.2 Calibration of Flow control system and supervisory instruments, Tanks /

Pipe probers, storage tanks, and gauging devices

6.3 Plant automation for process operation enhancement.

6.4 In-house testing commissioning of Plant / refinery instruments


7. Diamond Core Drilling and Wall Opening Service


7.1 Core drilling in reinforced concrete up to Ø 350mm

 7.2 Wall opening in reinforced concrete up to 400 mm depth

 7.3 Cutting and coring in both horizontal and vertical positions


8. Procurement, Supply & Maintenance


8.1 Electromechanical Equipment’s and Accessories.

8.2 Spare parts for Electrical / Mechanical Units.

8.3 Various Consumable materials.

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